Are you worried about the Quality and Service of your employees and their committment to these important aspects towards an important business?

Then we can help you. Our ‘Culinary Retail’ Squad is specificaly put together to handle all kinds of big or small companies. We will discover how your employees interact with clients, to ensure that customer gratification is always as you expect to be.

We send a Squad or a single Ninja to gauge the performance of your staff from the the criterias below:

Product Knowledge
Opening Statement Delivery
Hygiene & Clothing
Comfort & Tactfulness
Problem Solving

If you’re worried about the business while you’re away, or would just like piece of mind knowing your investment is sound, then Call us today. Our team have held positions in previous companies as:

General Manager
Brand Director
Creative Director
Production Manager
Restaurant Manager
Head Chef

Our experience in this field, is unbeatable. We were trained to get drunk and detect lies. Can’t get one past us.